The Herman Miller Embody is a great office chair. Although durable, it might develop issues after normal years of use. It is therefore understandable that anyone would want to fix their favorite chair. But, can the average person fix this using household tools? The following guide shows you how to fix common problem and buying parts.

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Herman Miller Embody Chair Repair How to Fix Broken Embody Chair

Herman Miller Embody Common Problems and Fixes

How to Fix the Bum Armrest on a Herman Miller Embody Chair
Step one is to locate the disassembly point. There are two torque screws mounted here partially obscured by one of the chair’s adjustment levers and a panel. So use a ratchet to remove the screws, and the panel is removed. Then, you can fix the metal part providing registration between the ridges. So pull this spring to take the tension off of the arm. Lastly, check the mounting bolt if it is out of position and the arm. If so, repair it with a pair of vice grips. Next, put the spring back on, then reattach the panel and the arm.

How to Fix Herman Miller Embody that Won’t Raise
It can be annoying when your chair is stuck at a certain height, particularly since the Embody chair is sent at its lowest height. However, there is one easy fix for height adjustment. First, remove the cover of the Embody chair controls under the seat. Next, there will be a screw within your view on top of the chair’s cylinder. All you have to do now is tighten that screw and add some lubrication or oil if necessary. Alternatively, you can step on the base while adjusting the chair height simultaneously, grab onto the chair’s base, and lift it.

Embody with a Broken Back Piece
This kind of damage can happen while the chair is being shipped. If the chair is dropped at any angle, it can cause breaks. If you can see the damage, you can try to replace the part with one online, just a matter of unscrewing and fixing a new part. However, if the issue is not visible, it could be the set bolt under the forward tilt that affects the chair’s back. You can access the set bolt from the bottom and adjust it to relieve tension so that the recliner can rotate freely. Then line up the screw correctly.

Fix the Embody Chair Sidearms
First, you have to make sure that the notch controlling the armrest isn’t broken. This notch makes sure the armrest is locked at the right height. To get the notch in the correct position, you will have to assemble the armrest by putting your chair upside down to avoid having the notch falling out. Then, when you put the assembly back into the armrest, you will have to put the notch into the gap. The gap should be visible when shining a flashlight into the empty armrest tube. Then, you can use a long screwdriver to fix it right into place.

How to Find Herman Miller Embody Chair Local Authorized Repair Shop Near You

Internet: Use an internet search engine to find a catalog of maintenance specialists that have an online presence. You could also make your inquiries with customer service on the Herman Miller website. There are also online forums with information on how and where to fix chairs.

Authorized Dealer near you: In finding a repair shop for your Herman Miller Embody, you could consult a nearby chair dealer. Often the dealer would be happy to help since he might win you over as a new customer. You can get the address of a nearby chair repairman, or the dealer can assist with repairs. » Herman Miller Embody support

Place of Purchase: Finally, the best place to check for repair services is the dealer or website where you purchased the chair. They should offer a warranty that may cover the damage. Therefore, contact them. They will provide a repair service close to your current location.

Herman Miller Embody Chair Repair – How to Fix Broken Embody Chair

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