This article will serve as a replacement guide for Herman Miller Aeron chair parts. The focus will cover essential components that need to be replaced to complete the chair, making it robust and functional once again. These include elements like the black mesh, caster set, lumbar support, and arm pads.

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Herman Miller Aeron Chair Parts Replacement Parts for Aeron Chair

Black Mesh
The Herman Miller Aeron chairs come in three sizes; A, B, and C, and so does the black mesh, which has a sleek and professional design. The mesh is easy to install with easy-to-follow instructions helping you remove your worn-out seat and install this new one in just moments. » find on: amazon / ebay

Caster Set
Our chair is with us through exhausting work hours, long nights, and study sessions; unfortunately, the casters can wear away. The Herman Miller casters are compatible with several Herman Miller office chairs. However, these versatile 2.5-inch diameter double-wheel casters are suitable for hard floors or low- to medium-pile carpets. » find on: amazon / ebay

Leather Arm Pads Pair
Durable arm pads are needed on most chairs to provide comfort. Hence, they need to be replaced when worn out. Instead, opt for Herman Miller Aeron Chair arm pads which are made with polyurethane foam with a leather finish that’s comfortable to the touch. They are also guaranteed to last longer. » find on: amazon / ebay

​​Pneumatic Cylinder
The pneumatic gas lift cylinder is used for office chair seat height adjustment. Replace an old and tattered cylinder with a brand new one that fits your chair perfectly. It can functionally move the seat from lowest to highest seatings. Such a restoration will make the chair feel new. » find on: amazon / ebay

Foam Lumbar Support Pad
The lumbar support pad serves as an ergonomic pillow for lower back pain comfort, proper sitting posture, and alignment, which in turn aids in preventing back, shoulder, and neck strain. It is made of premium quality foam, is entirely adjustable, and compresses according to the natural curve of your spine. » find on: amazon / ebay

Office Chair Swivel Tilt Control
The office chair swivel tilt control makes or breaks an executive office chair. It is a very vital replacement that allows the office chair to tilt. It has a control mechanism for rotation, such as twisting the handwheel—this type of tilt control even accpets standard tapered gas lift cylinders. » find on: amazon / ebay

Buying Herman Miller Aeron Chair Parts From a Local Authorized Dealer or Repairman Near You

The best place to begin looking for chair replacements would be the retailer or online store where you purchased your product. You would get even better service if you bought the chair from a Herman Miller dealer since they would mostly have offered an initial warranty or guarantee.

In fact, you should always get a 12-year warranty when buying an Aeron chair from an authorized Herman Miller dealer. First, however, the dealership would determine whether the issue is covered by the warranty and eligible for replacement or repair. Then, they will get a handy person to repair the chair professionally so you can return it at a later date.

However, if you didn’t buy the chair from one of the places mentioned above, you are better off looking for a local repairer. Other easy options are to look online for maintenance specialists in your area through newspaper ads or the telephone directory. » Find Herman Miller Aeron dealer near you…

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Parts – Replacement Parts for Aeron Chair

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